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About us

Our company attaches focused on quality, service, and was in accordance with DIN ISO standards certified by TUV.
The quality management, which ensures we maintain, in the highest degree of security and customer satisfaction.


Service and performance


- Inspection
- Oil Change
- TUV preliminary
- Auto Glass Service
- Smart Repair and Painting
- Brakes, shock absorbers and exhaust technology
- Car-Electrical
- Built-in Car Accessories
- Headlights, reflector repair
- Repairs of engines and transmissions
- Accident Repair

Vehicle Refinement

- Complete reconstruction of vehicles
- Production and adaptation of wheels according to customer
- Production and distribution of trace disks
- Production and distribution of landing gear and braking systems
- Adaptation and production of body kits
- Production and sales of exhaust systems
- Special coatings
- Production and distribution of strut bars
- Sales of coolers and charge air coolers


- Overhaul
- Repair
- Rebuild
- Engine tuning

Blasting operations

- Glass bead blasting
- Korund blasting
- Soda blasting
- Dry Ice Blasting